Wheatley Park

Our Mission: To know Jesus and to make Him known in our Church, in the community we serve and in the wider world.



3pm – Sunday Service (with Communion on alternate weeks);

7:30pm – Tuesday Night Church (with informal Communion);

9:30am – Wednesday Common Worship Service (with Communion)

WHERE: St Paul’s Church, Durham Road, Wheatley Park, Doncaster, DN2 4HN


Welcome to St Paul’s Church. We are a lively and growing church which embraces people of all ages. We want to show the love of God and see people’s lives transformed by becoming followers of Jesus Christ.


St Paul's Services

We hold a variety of events and groups tailored for families, find out more here…

St Paul's Children & Youth

We are based in an area that is full of great children and young people. Here at St Paul’s we love to hold events they will love, and really connect with, from toddler groups to youth events.

St Paul's Groups

Find out more about our groups, a place where we can catch up, be honest, and enjoy great food and fellowship.

Welcome from the Vicar at St Paul’s

Welcome to St Paul’s Church. As you’ll see there’s plenty happening here, including different styles of worship services and a variety of community groups happening throughout the week. Feel free to contact us for further information, we would love to meet you.

God bless,

Rev Adam Priestley

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